How it Works

Moonfare aggregates individual demand through its Luxembourg-based feeder fund structure which invests directly into the underlying target fund

How Moonfare Selects Funds

Our Investment Committee, comprised of industry experts, selects only top-tier funds through an in-depth due diligence.

Top Tier Funds

Top-tier funds are constantly monitored



Upcoming opportunities are identified


Due Diligence

Performed by Supply Team


Investment Decision

Made by Investment Committee

Moonfare's Investment Decision Criteria

Quality matters: Top-quartile funds raised since 2000 have outperformed bottom quartile funds of the same year by up to 19%*. To identify top quality private equity funds, we established Moonfare’s 5Ts framework. Each T represents a core investment criterion for fund selection.

*Source: Credit Suisse IS&P – PEG 2019 Outlook

We look for managers that prioritise investor returns over growth, that invest in the manager’s capacity to better capitalize on future investment trends, and that successfully embed ESG criteria in their process.

Our analysis assesses the investment strategy in terms of clarity, consistency, effectiveness, and replicability. We only invest in funds whose target strategy is clear and that we believe have the potential to produce attractive returns.

Moonfare invests not only in funds, but in long-term relationships with the fund managers and their teams. We look for quality, continuity, and alignment.

We analyse the manager’s returns in a number of ways and compare them to peers. We look for consistent performance throughout economic cycles as well as clear ties to the fund’s investment strategy.

There are a variety of terms and conditions that we consider when we evaluate a fund. Among other areas, we look for terms to be transparent and to create ample alignment of interest between the fund manager and LPs.

Secondary Market

You can invest in private equity fund opportunities on our platform knowing that you can sell your investment after 1 year. Although Moonfare cannot guarantee demand at the price you choose, Moonfare’s network opens up your offer to a broad set of potential buyers during the quarterly Secondary Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors qualify to invest with Moonfare if they meet certain criteria including a minimum net worth and sufficient prior investment experience. Due to the nature of funds we offer, Moonfare investments are available exclusively for (1) professional and semi-professional investors pursuant to Section 1 para. 19 no. 32 & 33 of KAGB, (2) certified high networth investors and self-certified sophisticated investors pursuant to COBS 4.12.6 R and COBS 4.12.8 R, and (3) qualified investors pursuant to Art. 10 para. 3 CISA and Art. 6 CISO.

Moonfare investment vehicles pool interest to individual private equity funds. Capital calls, capital distributions, and fees are all paid through the Moonfare investment vehicle. We work with industry-leading partners such as Clifford Chance, Pandomus, EY, and DocuSign to ensure the process is efficient and secure for investors.

The minimum commitment amount to Moonfare funds starts at €100,000, depending on the jurisdiction where investors are domiciled. We leverage technology to provide lower minimums than traditionally available, while respecting minimums required by local regulation for private equity investments.

The schedule of capital calls is determined by the underlying fund manager. In general, we structure our investments with a 30% upfront capital call upon first close. The remaining commitment will be drawn usually over the course of the underlying funds’ investment period, typically four to five years.

Investments offered on Moonfare’s platform are screened using in-depth due diligence and outside-in analysis. Criteria are defined as per the Moonfare 5T framework including fund managers’ track record, team and terms. While we focus on only top-quartile investments, we cannot guarantee future performance. For a more complete breakdown of selection criteria, please get in touch.

Moonfare only works with top-tier funds, pre-selected for quality. We typically offer funds raising capital in excess of USD 1 billion, with strong past performance and track record of value creation for investors. Managers featured on the Moonfare platform marry deep industry networks with operational excellence, enabling them to source quality deals and deliver consistent value creation.

Our investment horizon varies by opportunity but a typical private equity fund investment has a maturity of 10 years.

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